Meet Shaun Hamilton

“Shaun Hamilton is a writer of unflinching honesty. He is a fearless chronicler of the truths from the badlands of the soul.” Conrad Williams

Shaun loves to write, whether it be short stories or novels. His tales are often dark and complex, leading the reader towards the bleaker side of life

Shaun A.J. Hamilton – an introduction.

There will be those wondering what I have done that’s so brilliant that I deserve my own website. Well, the answer is simple: more than some, less than others. I’m not a world leader, a life saver or a great inventor, but neither am I a dosser sitting on his arse all day, filling his head with Jeremy Kyle and other such inane warbling (I usually Sky Plus these and watch them when I get home from work).

The reason I have this website is because I am an extremely frustrated architect who wants to be a well-renowned, well-revered (and well paid) author. The trouble is, because the publishing world is such a swine to infiltrate, I need to get noticed – hence the website.

Autobiography (of a sort)

And here I stand, with my work at my back

Shaun Hamilton - Imagespacer I was born in the Chinese Year of the Tiger at a time when John Denver was top of the charts with Annie’s Song. There aren’t that many great people who share my birthday (no offence if you do), but I do share an anniversary with the end of the Salem Witch Trials and the opening of America’s first Insane Asylum (according to that font of oh-so-accurate information, Wikipedia). Maybe this is where my macabre imagination stems from. Maybe all those years ago, a seed was sewn that would ensure that I, Shaun A.J. Hamilton would be writing warped stories as entertainment for the masses in the Year of Our Lord, 2011. Maybe not.

My place of birth was the city of Stoke-on-Trent; an industrial city standing deep in the heart of Staffordshire. Though I was born in England, I profess to be of Scottish heritage (hence my surname and the Coat of Arms plastered on this page) and such denouncement has led to years of piss taking by my friends. Whenever England v Scotland rears its head, in whatever sport, you can guarantee I will the butt of everyone’s jokes. (It’s funny though, how people have quietened down since both countries failed to make to Euro 2008 – oh, and since Scotland beat the World Cup finalists, twice!).

Port Vale badge
I have, however, stayed loyal to my local football team and I am a Port Vale fan (for my sins) and shall be until the Grim Reaper decides otherwise (despite our current situation – conference, here we come).I have suffered various levels of education in a number of (un)interesting venues, all of which have led me to this point: an Architectural Technician with a complex.

Raised on a regime of Hammer Horror, Universal Horror, Japanese Horror (can you spot the link?) with a mix of slasher movies, along with the works of Stephen King, James Herbert, Bram Stoker and Conan Doyle, there is little wonder my imagination has always ventured towards the dark side (and not in a Star Wars way either). I have no fear in what I imagine – fact is always worse than fiction – but I refute the possibility that my work can influence someone else. The last time I looked, we were all given a mind of our own – even if it’s completely fucked as mine is – and therefore, I have no responsibility regarding your thoughts.

I now live on a diet of painkillers (see the ‘health’ section of this website for the reasons why – it’s all very interesting for those with back pain) and Prozac, with an adage of real ale and Single Scotch Whisky. My favourite meal – and therefore, my last one on death row – is corn beef hash as cooked by my very beautiful and long-suffering wife, and my favourite drink is the one I have in my hand at the time. My sense of humour is dark, sarcastic and unfunny and my shoe size is nine.

A range of obsessions dictate my life, but the strongest of these are:

Hamilton family crestCleaning (especially vacuuming – such a turn-on)
Hats (I’m bald, I have no choice)
Pens (Architect and writer – little wonder really)
Old horror films (stop re-making classics!)
Books (everything except Mills & Boon – more sickening than any horror book)
Art (especially porn – err, I mean erotic photography)
Darts (born and raised in the same city as the world’s greatest player)
Guns n’ Roses (the greatest band ever)

And that’s it. There’s more to learn about me via my Blog and the various sub-headings on this site, but if you really want an insight into what keeps me going, read my work. If you don’t care, then neither do I.

Enjoy, and keep your pecker up…

Hamilton shieldShaun Hamilton - Signature