April Flores

Who says big isn’t beautiful? April Flores is a model like no other. Proud of her size, extreme in her beauty and outlandish with her outlook, she has to be one of the most positive role models for women at the moment. Why? Because she refuses to let the women’s magazines tell her she has to be thin to be beautiful. That Size Zero is the only way forward. That skin and bone and boyish looks with no breasts, no bum and no curves are the only way to succeed in today’s world. If tyou want to see truly stunning pictures of this amazing lady, either buy Ed Fox’s II, or google her name and take a look at her images. I’ll warn you though. If you’re of a sensitive disposition, you’ll need to make sure your secure content thingamejig is on. April has done a fair amount of porn in her time and the sight of her doing rude things with pretty ladies isn’t to every body’s taste. I mean to me, it’s fantastic. But there are still some oddballs in this world…



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