Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey must be an extreme feminist’s nightmare.

She’s barely out of her teens and she’s taken the porn world by storm – on her own terms. She joined up because she loved porn but hated the boredom and complacency creeping into the industry. She was tired of movies and scenes refusing to break away from set formulas so she decided the best way to change it was to get involved – with her boyfriend’s approval, who was told to support or sod off!

Since making that brave decision, she has shot upwards (excuse the pun), climbing the ladder so fast that those she’s knocked out her way had no idea she was there! The big names who thought they ruled the roost have struggled to compete and Sasha is one of those porn stars able to make the crossover into mainstream whenever she wants. A courageous and intelligent woman who views porn as simply a job – she just wants to be the best at what she does.

If you don’t believe me, watch the documentary Porn Diaries and tell me she has been forced into her situation.



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