There are a number of photographers whose work stands out for me – Richard Kern, Roy Stuart, Ed Fox and Helmut Newton spring to mind straight away. It is my intention is to show you examples of their work so you can perhaps see what – and understand – why I am so intrigued by their work. I’ll also give an explanation for each photograph and its photographer so you can see I’m not looking at them for titillation value – or masturbation value for that matter, as some of you no doubt will believe. In fact, I really do think it’s important that I get something across:

You see, I adore women. Their appearance, their shapes, their scent, their attitude, everything. I adore them (though no one beats my wife, who is not only number one, she is so far above and beyond that I can barely see her through the clouds!). But I  am a normal (ish) heterosexual male and I adore looking at women. I respect women. I love women.

But there will be those who think I’m a disgusted pervo. Yeah, well, if you’re going to have that uneducated opinion of me, I would like to leave my site right away.

Because I’m not a disgusting pervo. I’m just someone open about his love for women. Yes I know there are photographers and porn gurus who use and abuse them. Yes I agree that people traffickers who sell women into sexual slavery should be hung by their testicles. And I cannot argue with anyone who has been a victim of the unscrupulous who take advantage of people and situations just to satisfy their needs or line their pockets. But that’s why I’m bringing to attention the names of those who love their work – photographers, models and porn stars alike. I realise that for every happy pornstar there are a dozen miserable and for every decent photographer there are a thousand wankers, but why does that I mean I have to feel guilty for loving the female form? For admiring them for who and what they are? Why should I feel guilty for respecting women? And why shouldn’t I show off the stuff I like and the people I like on my own website? I’m doing no one any harm – in fact, I’d like to think I’m helping to celebrate the female form!

The photographers on this site do everything they can to make their models happy and safe. Whilst I cannot verify every action made by everyone concerned, I do know that the reputation of the people – these artists – (men and women) are second to none and I really don’t understand why I should feel guilty for looking at their work. It’s not as if I’m a practicing Catholic.

Women are beautiful. Inside and out. Period. These photographers are simply trying to show you that.