My first published tale was back in my college days – a detailed depiction of rape and incest that got passed around between friends and strangers alike. When my lecturers read it and its two follow-ups, I was threatened with expulsion. Perhaps that’s why I stopped writing for a while – that and copious amounts of alcohol. Anyway, since then I’ve had stories published in a small selection of magazines and websites, all of which are listed below – starting with the earliest:

December 2006: Twisted Tongue Issue 4

February 2007: Twisted Tongue Issue 5

August 2007: Twisted Tongue Issue 7

December 2007: Twisted Tongue Issue 8 (Editor’s Choice Award!)

April 2008: Dark Reign (Screaming Dreams Press)

April 2008: Demon Minds Spring Edition

May 2008: Twisted Tongue Issue 10

November 2008: Estronomicon (Screaming Dreams Press)

December 2008: Horror Express (Final Magazine)

December 2008: Necrography Issue 1